How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022?

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Finding your way out of YouTube is no different than finding your way out of the Bermuda Triangle. So let’s talk about how to grow your YouTube channel in 2022?

You go looking for that one particular video, and before you know it, BOOM! 

A chain reaction occurs, and you end up watching 3-4 other videos as well (more if you are not short on time).

This major video marketing app is like coke that everyone is hooked too!

What Google Search is for informational results, YouTube is for video results.

And God knows that video marketing is the second best thing coming out stronger than ever in 2022 (Novel Coronavirus gets the top spot here!).

People are more interested in watching cool demos with quirky backgrounds and fine layouts, rather than reading the whole paragraph of plain black text.

And to prove our point let’s state a simple statistical fact. 

According to reports, YouTube gets over a billion unique viewers per month!

Quite brilliant, isn’t it?

But since you are here, struggling through this plain black text to get a headstart towards the journey of stardom. 

Top 10 best tips for how to grow YouTube channel Free

1. Play it Right with Video Keywords

If you are aware of digital marketing techniques,’keywords’ must be the most common word you came across.

For all those who don’t have any idea what it is:

In simple language, keywords are the words people type in a search bar to look for a particular thing.

They are not whole sentences, they are not half ones either, just a few words that make sense together.

For example if you wanna buy a T.V, you will write a few specifications like, ‘buy 14 inch Sony T.V’.

That is a keyword.

Choosing the right keywords is one of the best tips to grow YouTube Channel.

2. Find the Best keywords for YouTube videos

How to find keywords for youtube videos? Follow the steps below:

1. Plant a Seed Keyword First

Now they are the ones that constitute a large group of familiar keywords together.

Consider Seed keyword as the parent keyword and the constituent keywords as the child keywords.

For example, digital marketing is a seed keyword.

It consists of content marketing, keywords research, social media marketing, etc. and these can be the child keywords.

So when you are making a video on a particular subject, make sure you first write down a list of seed and child keywords you are going to use in your video.

For the next step:

2. Let YouTube Formulate the Best Keywords for You

Yes, you don’t even need to go anywhere. Just type your selected seed keywords into the YouTube search bar.

When you do, you will see YouTube suggests a few words in addition to your seed keyword on its own. Note them down! Those are your targets!

For example, if you are making a video related to makeovers, your seed keyword would be ‘makeover’, ‘makeup’, ‘makeup tutorial’ etc.

So when you type one of them in the Youtube search bar, you will get a list of trending suggestions like ‘makeover transformation’, ‘makeup tutorial for beginners’ etc. These are the words you are looking for.

Since they are longer, they are also known as ‘long tail keywords’. You can also take help of the tools like ‘’  to help you with a lot more related long tail keyword suggestions. Now, with so many options to choose from, which one to choose?

This brings us to the next step.

3. Use your Toolkit

For this part, you need to take help of a few tools available freely.

VidIQ and Tube Buddy are the few famous ones you can try.

To know which exact keywords have a high search volume and yet low competition, you can put your shortlisted ones in it.

It will tell you how exactly they look in the market.

And then finally, Kaboom! You have a gem of a keyword to use in your video content.

The second part brings us to putting all this to work.

3. Watch out for the ‘Watch Time’

Watch time is very important for YouTube.

The more the watch time is , the more YouTube promotes that video and rank it higher

So what is a watch time?

It is the total time spent watching a YouTube video since it went live.

The more the viewers, the more is the watch time.

But the real challenge here is, how will you get more viewers?

Let’s focus on some of the smart ways to get more YouTube Subscribers

4. Hit that 10 Minutes Mark

You say people are always in a hurry to find what they are exactly looking for. Therefore a short video with just the essentials would be the best option.


Long videos perform much better than the short ones. As per data sources, YouTube itself promotes the ones that cross the mark of at least 10-minutes duration.

5. The Introduction is the Key!

This goes without saying that introductions are the make-or-break of any long content. If your introduction part isn’t good, no one is going to stick around to hear you out till the end. No matter how good your actual content may be.

All you got is the first 15 seconds (as also recommended by YouTube itself) to make an impression. Make those count!

Start off simply by telling exactly what all are you going to discuss in the video. Just like laying down a summary. Make it more interesting by the way you portray it (can be through actions, your tone, expressions or anything).

Bonus Tip: You could also add a surprise element to your video by telling there is a bonus tip somewhere in the middle.  Freebies work too if you got any.

6. Switch Patterns

Imagine you are just watching a person talking with no expression or movement of any kind at all. Just continuously talking.


Try to grab attention by switching the angles of your camera from time to time. Do anything that stands out of the regular pattern in between. It can be anything from a text impression, to a switch of view angle, to different sound effects. Even an animation! Trust me, it works really well.

7. Scripting is Important

Although many people think scripts are old-school, it is evident that scripted videos do much better than the non-scripted ones. Not only on the platform of YouTube, but on all the video-making or film-making platforms. It helps you remember the exact format and flow of the video.

You can also shuffle between the points to address in the video beforehand, to make it more impactful. It’s just like having those extra 10 minutes to read the question paper before solving it. Gives you an edge.

Why do you think movie-scripts are still in fashion?

8. Write Clear Titles

Clear Titles are the best ways to increase CTR. The CTR – Click-Through-Rates are the number of clicks your video gets. The more clicks you get, the more likely is your video to be recommended and suggested in the search results of YouTube. This algorithm is verified by YouTube itself.

So make sure your title clearly states what your video is going to be about. In simple language. No fake promises. No CLICKBAITS.

9. Use Creative Thumbnails

Youtube reports that 90% of best performing videos are the ones with customized thumbnails. So throw in all those bright and funky colors. Make it more relatable to the video content. And try using more non-YouTube colors. Non-YouTube colors are the ones you generally see on YouTube’s interface like red, white and black.

10. Optimize Playlists

Session time is another important aspect of getting YouTube to like you. The more the session time, the higher are the chances YouTube recommends your video on it’s own.

So how to increase your session time? Since it is the time people stay on YouTube after watching your video, you can customize the playlist to choose which video plays after your video. If the users watch the next video-in-line too, your session time will increase. Playlists can be customized anyway.  You can put some more of your videos on the roll.  Or you can add some other videos with a relatable topic that you think user’s might like to watch after your video.


All set with these simple steps to rock your way to stardom? Other than the youtube channel growth tips we discussed above, A SEO expert can help you with a few more fundamentals of this game.

Like the promotion of your videos on various platforms of social media, adding keywords rich SEO content in your video descriptions, and using appropriate and trending hashtags in them. And before you know it, you are bound to see a rise in your viewers as soon as you complete the tried and tested steps above.

Good luck making money for what you love to do!


Shubham Sharma is one of the leading SEO Expert in Delhi. He is the founder of Tech Shubham which is recognized as the fastest-growing SEO consultant that has made a strong foothold in delivering the social media marketing, PPC, ORM, and search engine optimization services.

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