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Which is the first word that strikes your mind when you think about online marketing. It’s the promotion of a particular product. The population of the world is in billions. While you manufacture any product, you want that product to reach as many people as possible. It is not that easy to reach every aspect of society. Therefore, online marketing comes into play. 

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About Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a vast field. You require a healthy knowledge of the internet and IT products to get acclaimed with digital marketing techniques and methods. As nowadays due to the emergence of free internet by the top telecom service, knowledge of such things is just within touch of the button. 

10 Different Types of Online Marketing or Digital Marketing

Below I have put down the 10 types of online or digital marketing. Here we go. 


1. Search Engine Optimization

Yet on the top of the list is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO in simple words is the ranking of your website.  You spend bucks of money creating your website and you want your website to be seen by as many people as possible thereby, increasing the traffic. But do you think it’s that easy?

Well, you are in the right place then SEO Expert in India does that same work for you. How do you want your website to catch the attention of large aspects of the human population? That is what SEO does for you. Several keywords need to be put in your website content that is top searchable on the internet. And while the user searches using that keyword, he according to the ranking reaches your site. Though there are several ways to do SEO this is very basic. 

2. Content marketing

Next up is content marketing. Content marketing is required for every website irrespective of its niche. To market your product, you need to be well communicated with the audience and that is what Content marketing is here for. It can bestow your website with high profits. Analogously it is the soul of a website. No matter, how much your graphics match with the standard, it is always the contents that do the trick!

3. Pay Per Click ( PPC )

It is a short-term solution to shift products or seasonal deals as a way to boost their revenue. This PPC or Pay Per Click is the term related to earning money by the marketer whenever the user clicks on the particular ad mentioned on the website. The cost of each ad depends on the quality score of your website. 

4. Affiliate marketing

The other way to promote your product is through affiliate marketing. In PPC, the marketer gets the money credited to his account when the user clicks on the particular ad mentioned on your website. But in affiliate marketing, the marketer gets or earns the money when the user clicks on the particular ad and further buys the product. 

Affiliate marketing is a bit tough. Unlike PPC, it’s a long-term solution. From here it looks easy but it is highly complex but very profitable if implemented perfectly. It is widely used by its users across the world. 

5. Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

Social Media Marketing is promoting or endorsing your product through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. As you know that most people are mostly visible on the internet than in the real world. That is where Social Media Marketing can lure online users with expressive and promotional content thus promoting their products through these key social media platforms. 

6. Email Marketing

Another way to endorse your product online is through email marketing software. You can send information and offers blogs to your clients by mailing them with lucrative offers that can offer them the personal touch to go through your product, at least once. 

7. Television Marketing

Television also can be a great way to get your products endorsed. You all have seen highly attractive video ads on television through which the user may consider your product and buy it. It is perhaps the most expensive platform to get your product endorsed. But as people prefer the internet, such traditional means for promotion have gone old. 

8. Radio Marketing

Nowadays, radio used is based solely on radio waves. It is all digital now. That means radio marketing falls under the realm of digital marketing. It can be a great way to let your business boom through digital advertising. 

9. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is something that has span all types of online marketing. Whether it’s mobile ads or mobile search ads. Nowadays every form of digital marketing can be easily transferred to your mobile. All the websites that have been created online are optimized according to mobile requirements. Almost every bigger brand in the market is shifting towards this key source that is the most healthy way to let your mobile phone on any device. 

10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While the SEO and PPC cannot altogether bring the ranking to the top of the search engine. As such Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the combined form of both these ways of promoting your products. It can be of paid or unpaid form. 


Hoping now you got a clear idea about the types of online marketing or digital marketing. This specific area of systemization is pity vast and carries a wide array to lure your potential customers. Here, I have put down online marketing types. But overall it all related to how actual digital marketing can endow you with a lot more than just advertising.