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Knowing some success stories of performance marketing will significantly help you. Not only create good campaigns but also effectively measure their performance. With good monitoring of your results,  you will be able to know what exactly is working and what aspects you should reinforce when working on your strategy.

What is performance marketing ?

performance marketing

Performance marketing is a type of performance-based advertising. It is also known as pay for performance advertising. This is a kind of advertising in which the customer pays only when there are significant results. These results can include a generated lead, a sale, a click, and more.

Pros and Cons of performance marketing

Nor is it convenient for you to fall into the error of thinking that it is an infallible strategy. Like the other branches of marketing, it may or may not be suitable for your business.

Therefore, the first step is to determine if a performance marketing strategy will really help you achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. Not without first understanding that it has its pros and cons:


  • It is a good way to get additional income for companies with strategies focused on mobile or increasing the conversion of leads .
  • It offers the possibility of having a more objective control of the results and the calculation of the return on investment ( ROI ).
  • By combining performance marketing strategies with data analysis actions ( Big Data ), these can reach very high levels of efficiency.
  • It allows an effective combination of various online advertising methods, such as email marketing , social media , display ads, among others.


  • The cost may be high.
  • Ensuring ROI is not easy.
  • There is still ignorance about the technological aspects of this system. This affects its development and generalization.
  • There are some bureaucratic problems.
  • There are reports of some risks in data security.

Best Tips to Create an Effective Performance Marketing Strategy

Performance Marketing Strategy

Certainly, there is no exact strategy that ensures the success of performance marketing campaigns, since you only pay for the results obtained. However, there are some keys that can facilitate obtaining good results, and how to improve marketing performance see them below:

  • In any strategy it is key to establish objectives, and this is no exception. They have to be very clear and quantifiable , and to achieve this you must use  appropriate KPI indicators .
  • It is essential that you monitor the campaign.  This monitoring must be objective and reliable. Knowing the data in real time is essential.
  • A continuous relationship must be maintained between the company and the advertiser and the conditions must be clearly established in the contract. Transparency and trust are two key aspects in this type of campaign.
  • Have experts in the most advanced technologies that are applied to online advertising and data analysis.

Advantage of Performance Marketing

The main advantage of performance marketing is that you only pay for the results obtained. Thanks to the strategy and not for the strategy itself. This means that if you achieve better results than expected, you will pay more, while you will not have to spend large sums if the campaign fails to obtain them.

So if you plan to apply this technique, you will pay for the conversions you get, be it a download, a lead, a purchase or a click. If you still have doubts about how effective and profitable this discipline of Performance marketing can be, several performance marketing success stories are examples of everything that can be achieved with it.

Top 6 Performance marketing success stories

Now that you know the pros and cons, as well as some keys to obtaining good results in your campaign, it is time for you to analyze some success stories of performance marketing. So pay attention and take note because they will surely serve as an example:

1. Financial Times

This list of successful cases begins with the Financial Times. It is a British newspaper specializing in international business and economic news. The goal of their performance marketing campaign was to attract more young readers and to engage them more with the newspaper.

They were able to identify the problem: what they needed was to increase the exposure of subscription ads. They increased the chances of getting more conversions. In addition, they determined that their campaign required combining channels, focusing on video.

They got what they were looking for, that is, to increase the number of clicks and the number of subscriptions to the newspaper. Demonstrating that having clear objectives and detecting the problem is possible to achieve the goal.

2. House of Fraser

One of the most significant and successful cases of performance marketing is that of the online fashion store House of Fraser . The brand found problems in its affiliate campaigns and began to work together with a prominent performance marketing agency in order to create a good strategy.

Thanks to this, they decided that more than 83% of the collaborators would receive a commission corresponding to their attribution. A great way to add value and reward users who were undervalued by the traditional model.

Likewise, they achieved that these people had a clearer idea of ​​the role they play in the company throughout the consumer buying process.

3. Groupalia

Another relevant example is that of Groupalia. In this case, two sets of images were used. In one , the company’s brand book was applied, while in the other, performance techniques were implemented without losing the identity of the brand . It should be noted that the same investment was used in both.

The results were remarkable, the images with a performance approach obtained a CTR 35% higher than the images with a branding approach.

While the ROI, both in terms of sales and revenue, was more than double in the ad sets in which those graphic elements were used.

4. Dove

Dove has been one of the brands that for several years has worked to break beauty stereotypes. This is how in 2013 they launched “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”, an advertising spot that had the support of the Ogilvy Brasil agency and the FBI artist, Gil de Zamora.

This video became the most viral so far and played a fundamental role when it comes to reflecting on the importance of self-esteem in women.

Such was the success that it achieved a 550% return on investment. That same year, Dove received the Grand Prix award in the Titanium category at the Cannes Lions Festival.

5. Red Bull

When speaking of success stories in performance marketing, one cannot fail to mention Red Bull. On October 14, 2012, the brand surprised the world during the live broadcast of the jump that paratrooper Felix Baumgartner made from the stratosphere.

This made him the first human to break the sound barrier without the power of an engine. Certainly an astonishing fact, as much as Red Bull’s ingenious campaign. The live webcast via YouTube lasted over 3 hours and the brand logo appeared on all shots.

The video accumulated 52 million visits, and the brand’s channel multiplied by 4 the number of subscribers in the days before the jump. Videos and photographs were broadcast on social networks that went viral and obtained thousands of likes and retweets.

This campaign cost around 50 million euros but the results were incredible. Sales increased 7% in the United States in the six months after the jump and 2013 closed with more than 5 billion cans sold.

6.- Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual clothing company that launched a particular digital campaign. Its objective was to attract consumers and make them see the brand from another perspective. And without a doubt, they knew how to do it in a way that combined digital and traditional advertising.

They developed a unique global image campaign that worked for hand in hand with 100 physical locations. This consisted of customers taking photos of a series of moving image billboards to capture the product codes.

They then uploaded the five-digit code on the campaign website so customers could redeem it for a sample of clothing. Additionally, they encouraged consumers to share their photos on social networks so that their followers could participate in the promotion.

They reached more than 4 million people with the campaign, creating 35,000 new customers for Uniqlo. With the billboards, they added an element of experiential marketing performance that was almost event-based. They really built a phenomenal strategy.

Prepare your performance marketing strategy

You have everything you need to build your results marketing strategy and make it as effective as some of the examples presented. You just have to clearly set your goals to know exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign.

These top 6 performance marketing success stories will serve as a guide to implement your advertising techniques and achieve a real impact on your audience.

Remember each of the keys mentioned above, especially the one related to monitoring the campaign. If you take into account each of the recommendations, you will undoubtedly see the advantages of a performance marketing strategy.

Final Words

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