Top 6 Tips to Develop Mobile Apps with APIs in 2021

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We are living in a world of connectivity. No matter where we are, we are always connected to the outside world at all times. In the digital world, have you ever noticed that when you book your favorite airline ticket you rarely use that airline’s website? You use a third-party website to book it, but how is it possible that you book from a third party website but you still get the seat at the same airline? Well, the answer is API. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 6 best tips to develop mobile apps with APIs. Did you know? That there are a lot of agencies in the market who use these tips in providing the mobile app development service. So, let’s get it started.

What is an API ?

API is known for application programming interface. It is a computing interface that defines interactions between the multiple software intermediaries. API is allowed two applications to talk to each other.

What are some examples of apis ?

  1. Log-in Using XYZ

  2. Weather Snippets

  3. Travel Booking

  4. Twitter Bots

  5. Pay with PayPal

Read 6 Tips to develop mobile apps with APIs below :

Some of the most basic 6 tips you should follow to develop a mobile application with APIs are as follows-

1. Logical API

Logical API helps in making your application logical (obviously the name suggests pretty much everything). You don’t have to make your application logical as the API will ensure that for you. There is no need for you to make the application know any of the business logic as the business will change from time to time.

2. Data vs Request

Another thing that the top mobile app development company should keep in mind. We understand the superfast data transfer at a lightning-fast speed is necessary but getting data on request with no or little contact with the server is also needed. It is a tough task to choose among them since you cannot have both.

3. Smart Cache

If you are a professional application developer then you must know the value of mobile app onboarding practices. The cache will store all the necessary files so that it won’t take time to load in case the user gets in no network zone. But a developer should also know that time caching will add no value to the application so it must be avoided.

4. Monitor

The mobile app development agency knows that there is always a window of improvement at all times. Technology evolves every day and API is also not very different from the others. It is crucial to monitor and keep a track of performance if you find any kind of outdated code then you must update it as per the requirement.

5. Log In

If you are providing mobile app development service then you always work on visibility, reliability, and portability. It all will be easier if you are working with API. No matter what you always make sure that the security should not be compromised with the Log-In process. The server stores login session details, but there is a cache and that cache is not stored permanently. So one must take necessary steps to ensure the security is well-maintained.

6. Application Update

You update your application from time to time. Some users have enabled the automatic response while others may have disabled it. Make sure the users are updating the application whenever new features are added to the application.


API makes an application developer’s life easier. It will help to connect a third-party platform or application to the software. In this blog, We have discussed best 6 tips to develop mobile apps with APIs. So if you are a beginner in providing mobile application development service then this blog is helpful for you.


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