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Doing business is not the only competition over the web.  So, you must have started thinking what is that? 

Searching for the best web app development frameworks is equally competitive. If you are also a website owner and wondering which is the top web application framework? This blog is for you as we are listing the 5 Most Important web app development frameworks. Keep reading!

Developers all across the world rely on frameworks to build the most interactive web apps. They call it a secret ingredient to designing the richest web apps. 

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5 Best Web App Development Frameworks for 2021-22

Here are the 5 Best Web App Development Frameworks for 2021-22

1. Django (Python-based framework)

Django frameworks

Django leads in the list of top 5 web application development frameworks for 2021 with 47.5K stars at GitHub. This Python-based open-source web app development framework is considered the best for APIs development and clean design of web apps. Among business owners all across the world, it has become popular as Django is the best to build scalable, secure, and fast web applications. 

When is it good to opt for Django? 

Django is a structured framework, and it is a favourable platform for web application development that is powerful in managing backends. This open-source platform is also a good choice when you want to build a CRM system, inventory management, and social networking websites. 

Who has used Django? 

Around 1 lac websites are using this Python-based framework. It is more popular among electronics and computer businesses than in other domains. Below we are mentioning the most popular brands that have used Django!

  • Instagram
  • Prezi
  • Pixaby
  • Disqus
  • Opera

2. Spring

Spring frameworks

Spring is a Java-based framework that offers a comprehensive configuration and programming model for sophisticated Java-based enterprise apps. It can program and configure apps on any sort of deployment platform. 

At the application level, it has superb infrastructural support. It emphasizes the plumbing of enterprise web apps so that the team can work on app-level business logic without unusual ties to particular deployment environments. 

Spring is an open-source application framework and it uses the MVC model. It has delivered many successful projects with the help of MVC (as it enhances the use cases and versatility of the framework. 

Who has used Spring? 

This web application development framework has been used by the most popular brands such as:

  • Accenture 
  • Fitbit
  • MIT
  • Intuit

Key Features of Spring framework

  • It uses the Model Controller View (MVC). 
  • This framework uses concepts such as inversion of dependency and control injection that make Spring a unique web app development framework. 
  • Kudos to the Java developers community, Spring owns an active open-source community with an official repository on GitHub (135Kdevelopers and 22.8K folks use GitHub). 
  • A good number of online tutorials are available but it has a bit of a steep learning curve. So, you will need a deep comprehension of Java’s Spring framework before you start using it. 
  • You can do many things by using Spring. It allows you to extend a web app into varied domains, including the cloud. Once you are good to go with Java, go with Spring. 
  • Languages – Groovy, Kotlin, and dynamic languages.
  • Integration – JMX, email, tasks, JMS, cache, scheduling, remoting. 

3. Laravel

laravel frameworks

In the list of PHP frameworks, Laravel secures the top place even being younger than other frameworks of this scripting language. We have picked this framework from the list of the best web app frameworks as it has an elegant and expressive syntax. You can easily hire Laravel services from around every top website development company. 

The creators of this framework believe that development must be a creative and enjoyable experience. Laravel, being truly fulfilling, takes the entire pain of development out by simplifying the common tasks used in most web application projects. It eases caching, sessions, routing, authentication, and more. 

Laravel is known for its out of the box API support. And, it owns a good amount of packages that can extend its reach. With Laravel, you can have Laracasts that is a screenshot tutorial website having tons of videos on Laravel, PHP, and other frontend technologies available in the Laravel ecosystem. This is called heaven for beginner learners. 

When Laravel is the best fit? 

It is perfect for powerful and large web applications such as e-commerce apps, CRM, social networking, CMS systems, and online communities. This framework ensures scalability and performance for your web application. 

Brands relied upon Laravel

1.5 lacs websites are using Laravel and the number is still growing. The most famous names that have used Laravel are:

  • October CMS
  • Invoice Ninja – open-source invoicing application
  • Forum – Forum/community

4. Express

express frameworks

This is a powerful framework from the family of JavaScript. This is a framework of NodeJS and it has earned great popularity in a short span. 

Express owns plenty of HTTP utility methods as well as middleware to build a powerful API easily and quickly. 

The Express offers a thin layer of fundamental web app features. It does so without obscuring the features of NodeJs that users love. 

It earns 47+ stars on GitHub as it is scalable, light, and quick to execute the code directly over the browser. This is known for being an unopinionated and minimal framework. It supports full apps, and REST API, and is one of the most flexible frameworks. 

Where does Express fit the best? 

It is amazing to build real-time and network-based applications. Therefore, when you wish to use available code in your NodeJS based web app development, Express is a perfect choice. Developers love it to create on-demand apps, e-commerce stores, real-time streaming apps, and payment gateways. It is compatible with other frameworks such as Loopback, Sails, and Kraken. 

Who has used Express? 

This trending and popular framework have been used by the famous names of the diverse domains:

  • Accenture
  • Uber
  • IBM

5. Rails

rails frameworks

Rails is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. It uses Ruby, and many developers love this due to its rich features and functionality. Rails are well-known for its beginner-friendly features as it gets them started with the web app development process quite quickly. 

It has library dependencies that boost the functionality of your application and enable you to build web applications more quickly. The developers’ community of Rails is friendly and reliable. It offers many tutorials, resources, and screencasts that enable you to become an expert on Rails in no time. Due to these factors, this comes in the list of the top 5 web app frameworks and many web development companies offer services for this. 

Where is it perfect to use Rails? 

The developers who want to build an app by avoiding repetition and opting for straightforward tasks, go for the Rails framework. Ruby on Rails (RoR) speeds up web app development which makes it the perfect platform to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for startups. 

Brands like Hulu, Shopify, Airbnb, Basecamp, and GitHub are primary users of Rails. 

Wrapping Up 

So, which is your pick from the above list? It might be anyone as all are good, rest it depends on your specific requirements. If you started your search for hiring services from the experts, then hire a leading web development company.