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What is the feeling that you get in a crowded place? Similarly, simple website design tends to distract the viewers. On the contrary, how amazing you feel at a nice beautiful park! The appealing and straightforward architecture will point visitors directly towards your goals. So, it’s better to utilize the opportunity of getting maximum leads with an uncomplicated website arrangement.

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6 Key Reasons Why Simple Website Design is Better in 2022


1. Easy to navigate and explore the features

A lot of hustle and bustle in the top section of the website. Congested content and dark themes. The user is likely to get confused and leave the website without going into details. 

However, the following design will leave all the more very different effects on the customer:

  1. The optimized number of buttons.
  2. Content with enough white space.
  3. The text has a simple font type and size.
  4. The contrast between images is recognizable.

These are not very big things. Right? But, it can make a lot of difference in your revenue growth. Moreover, a case study shows that adopting minor changes in the website leads to 40% to 473% revenue growth. Thus, an SEO company in Delhi can help you with easy navigation on your website. 

2. Get universal acceptance

Do you know that our minds expect some standard website design? Any significant tweaks or experiments can perplex website visitors. Thus, 80% of the sites follow a similar design approach. 

Likewise, the about section, the home page, and the main categories are at the top. Further, website content is in the middle. Then, at last, the company description at the bottom.

Other than that, simple fonts and colours always look appealing. However, dark backgrounds and additional images hide your actual message. It seems to be clumsy rather than attractive.

Furthermore, simple website design helps in expanding your reach globally. Therefore, it is a must requirement for applying even the slightest alterations in the future.

3. Requires minimum changes in the long-run

Any successful business always thinks about its growth in the long term. Today you’re starting with one product. Tomorrow your team will grow, and more ideas will come from team members or partners. Therefore, new results are inevitable.

But, what is the fun of reiterating the previous work? Further, extra widgets, plug-ins, and added features keep on demanding updates from time to time. Isn’t it a waste of time wastage? But, on the other hand, if the previous designs are stable, you can sharpen your description of new services and products.

So, it’s better to go for minimalistic designs and adopt the latest SEO maintenance. It saves you from cleaning clutters and needless updations. Yet, it enhances the viewer’s focus, side by side emphasizing your key points. It opens the opportunity to get most of the leads.

4. Helps you get maximum conversions

A call to action is a crucial part of attaining significant profits. But what if it is pushy. It drives away the visitor. Downloading newsletters/ebooks, subscribing to your channel; everything is good. 

But, what if the user was about to make a purchase. Suddenly, a pop-up appeared, puzzling the customer. So, the purpose remains unsolved.

It is best to put extra pop-ups where they’re highly required. Additionally, if the conversion part matches the colour and aesthetics of the design, it seems soothing. Simple website design grabs the user’s attention instantly.

5. Give the best user experience

Website designers can’t afford to ignore user experience parameters. Think about comforting and engaging design. Clients are more likely to give thumbs up to your site definitely in their heads. Further, appreciative and stimulating design elements inspire them to make purchase decisions quickly. 

The simple website design promotes compressed images and videos with their optimal number. It even helps in the improvement of the site speed. As a result, the website takes less loading time while reducing the bounce rate.

Clean architecture is a plus point for mobile-friendliness. In addition, content writing includes enough white spaces and concise lines with smaller paragraphs. Also, Google itself advocates mobile-friendly websites for benefitting searchers.  

6. Builds credibility and trust

When a user looks at a particular site, they can decide within milliseconds the type of web page. Good-looking and clean platforms grab their attention right away. They can sense your purpose, which instils confidence and trust in them. 

Furthermore, a user-friendly website structure adds professionalism to your brand. Businesses decide whether to sell, make partnerships, or deal depending upon the website’s professional outlook. 

In this digital age, user decides about brand image based on website representation. The factors that count are:

  1. Is consistency maintained in all the web pages?
  2. What is the website layout? What are the elements added to the architecture?
  3. Does the website provide error-free text and reliable information?

Additionally, are you must be able to convey your intention correctly by: 

  1. You desire to build your brand awareness.
  2. want to sell products by e-commerce.
  3. Aim to publish content either by yourself, from the user-end, or through a third party.
  4. You need to spread knowledge on specific topics.
  5. You would like to generate leads by SEO tactics.

Moreover, trust lays the foundation for your business opportunities ahead.


The top takeaways of the articles are simple website design is the best option:

  • First, to promote the convenience of users, search engines, and your co-partners.
  • Next, it ensures website sustainability for an extended period.
  • Last but not least, you get access to a global audience.

So, How are you planning to simplify your website design?